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the concept 4Cs

1.Concert: Concerts – the core business for all musicians – offer innovarte ensemble an opportunity for active dialogue with the public. We want our music to awaken the senses of uninitiated, inexperienced listeners. Apart from performing traditional concert pieces, we want to promote contemporary and not-yet-established music.

In the age of television and PlayStations, kids demand entertainment at a fast pace. We invite children to experience music, for example with “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” – as an opera composed by Nino Rota, and not as a cartoon film. The children are actively integrated into the world of musical performance, both onstage and by playing the roles of robbers, princesses or court musicians from their seats. By listening and actively participating they will learn that even opera can be „cool“ and that the repertoire is not just restricted to „Peter and the Wolf“ and „The Magic Flute“.

3.Community: innovarte ensemble wants to bring joy to the socially disadvantaged and, through the power of music, enrich their daily lives. Whether these people are ill, elderly or social outcasts, innovarte ensemble will leave the concert hall and play for them wherever they are. This way, classical music comes to the people, instead of the other way round.

4. Corporates: More culture for companies and more companies for culture. With our „Classical Music“ product we serve both business and social interests. As a professional partner in communication we can build bridges between business and culture; for example, at first-class customer events, sales-promotions, creative workshops or internal seminars to strengthen the corporate culture.