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The prices of the translation agency innovarte eurolingue are in line with the rates per line or per hour that are normally applied in the branch.

Basic tariffs per line:
(of 55 strokes) 3.20-4 CHF 2-2.50 Euro

Minimum charge per order: 65 CHF 40 Euro
Express surcharge 50 %

For work carried out at weekends or on public holidays: an express surcharge will be invoiced if an order is received on Friday evening for delivery on Monday or if it is received the day before a public holiday.

Hourly rate: 80 CHF 50 Euro
(mainly applicable for text revision)

The delivery schedule, text volume and degree of difficulty may influence the price.
Send us a sample of your text by e-mail and we will send you our quotation free of charge. Please use the “Quotation and orders ” form below.